VehiclePath is looking for highly motivated sales people to sell our innovative solution for fleet management

-Jim Hawthorne, Northeast Regional Sales Manager

VehiclePath, Guided by Spireon, is looking for strong, business-savvy sales distribution partners for our innovative and cost-effective fleet tracking solutions.

GPS technology is one of the fastest growing industries today, with growth rates as high as 40% year over year.  Now is a great time to be a part of a growing industry.

Give your customers the competitive advantage that allows them to reduce costs, increase productivity and outperform the competition by arming them with real-time visibility of all of their fleet activities.

Backed by the industry’s largest Mobile Resource Management (MRM) company, Spireon, Inc., VehiclePathTM connects businesses to their mobile assets and workforce through game-changing information platforms, giving them the power to manage actionable business intelligence.

VehiclePath, is designed for businesses operating locally concentrated fleets of up to 50 vehicles. Inspiring companies to reach new heights with powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based tools, Spireon provides a solid foundation on which to optimize performance.

We offer an exclusive wholesale and indirect sales program. You own the customer, we sell and invoice you at a wholesale rate for product and monthly service. You can create a residual stream by invoicing the end user directly. There are no contract commitments, no usage fees, no early termination fees and no transfer fees.


Additional Benefits:

  • Marketing support provided
  • Training at no cost to you
  • Variety of vehicle, asset, and temperature-controlled products
  • Demo units available
  • Online sales reports and billing error resolution
  • Dedicated, web-based agent portal
  • 24/7 technical and product support
  • Generous co-op Program
  • We have no direct sales channel and no market and vertical sales restrictions.

For more information, email me or you can go to, click on the Reseller/Agent tab to submit your application.


Introducing ServicePlus rental program. Affordable GPS Fleet Tracking for your local business.

-Gary Schneider, Vice President & General Manager VehiclePath, Fleet Services

We’re all feeling the pain at the gas station… With summer approaching, fuel costs usually rise. Wouldn’t you like the ability to monitor activities that affect your bottom line? Speeding, excessive idling, travel outside of authorized areas, unauthorized use of your vehicles, and fuel theft, just to name a few of the things that can be tracked and monitored.

Many people think that fleet GPS tracking systems are only affordable for larger companies…. and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

VehiclePath, Guided by Spireon, has become the go-to option that is being used by thousands of small companies across the United States and Canada to track and manage the efficiency of their fleets. Even if you only have a few vehicles for your business, wouldn’t you want to know where your employees are going 24/7, how fast they’re driving, and how long it really takes them to finish their routes and assigned jobs?

Now, you can take advantage of this great solution, and it will be easy on your wallet. We are pleased to introduce a new simple and hassle-free monthly rental program called ServicePlus. For the low price of $24.95 per month, you get everything you need — the hardware, real time tracking, unlimited anytime, anywhere, web-based access and no contract. Because this is a special rental program, you are entitled to receive free equipment upgrades. We have several different rate plans available, proving that with ServicePlus you will never be stuck with yesterday’s technology.

It comes as no surprise that there are other GPS tracking companies to choose from —the marketplace is swarming with them. But, do you really want to be locked into a three-year contract, deal with equipment warranty issues and stuck with old technology? With the ServicePlus program, you get a complete solution. Our business intelligence solutions are innovative and easy to use. Combined with our world-class technical support and excellent customer service, you can’t go wrong. You don’t need to live with unknowns and assumptions. You will have the power to detect and eliminate waste and inefficiencies that can negatively affect your business in many ways.

For more info feel free to send me an email

Family-Owned Small Business Essannay Credits VehiclePath With Recovering Stolen Truck

Chicago-based small business Essannay generated an immediate return on its VehiclePath GPS Monitoring and Tracking investment when the company used the system to recover a stolen truck. A family-owned and operated audio/visual rental company, Essannay operates a 2002 Ford Heavy Duty Van to transport equipment to and from its customers’ meeting sites and locations.

“Our fleet consists of one truck that is vital to our business,” says Essannay President Christopher Chambers. “The VehiclePath system we installed on our truck paid for itself the moment the stolen vehicle was located and recovered, before any damage was done to it.”

Chambers installed VehiclePath on the Essannay truck one year ago to promote route compliance among his drivers.  “I kept getting gas receipts from places where the truck wasn’t supposed to be,” recalls Chambers. “I wanted to keep better track of where my drivers were going, as well as how they were driving.” VehiclePath provided the solution to his challenges.

A powerful, flexible and highly scalable GPS Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring system developed by Spireon, Inc., which emerged in 2011 as the industry-leading Mobile Resource Management (MRM) company developing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based tools, VehiclePath provides continuous real-time visibility for local fleets.  For a small business like Essannay, VehiclePath offers a cost-effective way to improve driver productivity, increase driver safety, ensure route compliance, and enhance on-time delivery as well as customer satisfaction.

“VehiclePath allows me to set up a Geofence, a geographical boundary that extends beyond our normal service area,” Chambers explains. “The instant one of my drivers takes the truck outside this Geofence, I get an instant alert on my cell phone and via e-mail. So I can call my driver to find out why they’ve veered off the route. I can keep track of my drivers anytime, even when I’m not in the office.”

Chambers says that VehiclePath has been a useful tool in reducing unwanted driver behavior, including excessive idling and speeding. But he most values having instant access to real-time intelligence. “VehiclePath tells me exactly what I need to know. Now I can see where my truck is every day, at any given moment. I can see when the truck arrived at a customer location, what time the equipment was delivered, what time the truck left, and if the driver had to go back for some reason. Before VehiclePath, I had to call the customer for this information, which wasn’t the best for customer service.”

VehiclePath has also allowed Essannay to control costs related to fuel consumption and maintenance. “The system sends me alerts when it’s time for a tune up or oil change, or when the battery’s gone bad, so I can take care of it in a timely fashion,” says Chambers. “And I expect to see a reduction in my auto insurance as well.”

But perhaps the biggest return on his VehiclePath investment came from a surprising use of the system. “When our truck got stolen from our back lot, it took me a few minutes to realize that I could use VehiclePath to find out where it was,” Chambers recalls. “Sure enough, we pinpointed its exact location and sent someone down to keep a set of eyes on it until the police could arrive. Within four hours of noticing it was gone, we had our truck back, fully operational.”

Adds Chambers, “I would have loved to see the expression on the thief’s face when he realized that the truck he’d stolen had been stolen back.”

Chambers says that by recovering the company truck, VehiclePath instantly paid for itself, “and for years to come.” He adds, “I didn’t have to waste time to file any reports, or buy a new truck. All I had to do was click my mouse, and there was my van. If I had more cars, I’d get one for every vehicle. I’d tell anyone to install VehiclePath, install lots of them. It’s well worth it.”

To learn more about Essannay, visit or call Christopher Chambers at (312) 773-5511. To learn more about VehiclePath by Spireon, Inc., visit or call 1-877-299-6544.

Amelia DiMesio

VehiclePath is dedicated to connecting companies with local fleets to their mobile assets and workforce through game-changing information platforms, giving them the power to manage actionable business intelligence. Inspiring companies with local fleets to reach new heights with its powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based tools, VehiclePath is one of the most cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions on the market, enabling rapid deployment and optimization of local fleets.

About Spireon

Spireon, Inc., is at the summit of business intelligence and committed to going higher. Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, the company emerged in 2011 as the industry leading Mobile Resource Management (MRM) company as a result of the merger of ProconGPS, Inc. with Enfotrace and PFS, LLC , the top three providers in the MRM space. Spireon connects companies to their mobile assets and workforce through game changing information platforms, giving them the power to manage actionable business intelligence. Inspiring companies to reach new heights with powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based tools, Spireon provides a sturdy foundation on which to optimize performance.

With leading market positions in the Subprime Automotive Finance industry, Local & Enterprise Fleet Management and Trailer & Logistics markets, Spireon, Inc. specializes in developing strong business relationships with leading companies worldwide, enabling it to offer affordable world-class risk mitigation, mobile asset management and location-based services to its customers. Spireon, Inc.’s patented array of GPS products and information platforms provide business intelligence solutions through industry brands for automotive dealers, lenders, service and delivery fleets and transportation and logistics companies.  Spireon currently has over 1.2 million active devices in the marketplace and forecasts to deliver 800,000 units in 2012. With offices in North America, Spireon has a proven track record in innovation, customer-focused service, financial stability, powerful vertical distribution networks, and a strong customer base.

For additional information, please visit Spireon, Inc.’s website

Corporate Identity Shift- Brian Boling, CEO

What’s in a name? If done properly, everything! ProconGPS was born in an era when GPS was something only found in the oceans of the world as part of maritime navigation and safety equipment. In 2001 the founders of the company introduced the first commercialized integrated analogue cell phone / GPS functionality in the USA designed for landlubbers, A Protect and Connect™tag line used for that product finally grew into a descriptive name used to define the device and its security focus: ProconGPS, Inc.

Fast forward about a decade and we find that while the cellular + GPS combination has thrived in this new digital age, the name of the game is no longer simply providing a working combination device. Data can now be gathered from a multitude of sensors in the mobile world. That data can be analyzed on the device or pushed to a server environment where it is sliced and diced and evaluated such that the information forthcoming can be valuable and critical to customers that are trying to improve mobile workforce and asset management. Today our mission is to connect companies to their mobile assets & workforce through game changing information platforms; putting the power in their hands to manage actionable business intelligence. So we needed a proper name – one that covers this territory without suggesting a device bias.

After months of deliberation with our partners & shareholders, along with extensive research done by our marketing team, we are ready to announce that name to the world. Our passion is to climb to the summit of mobile business intelligence. So we wanted a name that would work off of a root word like “spire”. Our goal is to remain tightly focused on customer needs. So we desired a name that was based on a word like “spear”. We wanted to sustain our rapid growth and leadership therefore a suggestive word like forever or “eon” would be a nice add. Drum roll please… Spireon will be the new corporate name. Pronounced (“Spear” and “eon”) we believe the name captures our passion to excel and stay focused. And with the tagline, Guiding Business Intelligence, the name plainly states our purpose in the world.

Today, Thursday March 22nd, is the day we announce our new corporate identity – Spireon Inc, and coined the tagline: Guiding Business Intelligence. Along with the name change, ProconGPS has adopted a new logo. All of these changes are effective immediately, and all future business activity will be undertaken with the new name, logo and ultimately our new identity. We’ve created a new corporate website, which includes information and links to all our brands in each of our segments: Dealer Services, Fleet Services and Lender Services.

VehiclePath Convenes First Customer Advisory Board To Shed Industry Insight

Knoxville, TN, March 12, 2012 — VehiclePath, developer of affordable, real-time fleet and asset GPS tracking solutions used by local fleets across North America, announces the formation of a new Customer Advisory Board (CAB). The Board’s inaugural meeting will take place March 21st through the 23rd at the ProconGPS Tech Center in Irvine, CA.

Composed of leading resellers and distributors who provide VehiclePath devices to customers to track, monitor and maximize their fleets, equipment and other assets, the CAB is a continuation of our commitment to meet the local fleet market’s evolving needs and challenges while remaining on the forefront of industry developments.

“The CAB represents a dynamic collaboration between our top executives at VehiclePath, and our reseller and distributor partners,” says Gary Schneider, Vice President and General Manager of VehiclePath.  “The first-hand insight shared by CAB members will allow us to continue innovating and enhancing our solutions to better anticipate the needs of customers and strategically direct resources for the growth of our company and our partners.” 

CAB members will convene regularly with the purpose of:

  • Providing objective, continuous feedback and perspective on core business, industry and technology issues.
  • Identifying and addressing common business and product challenges.
  • Providing insight into changing industry and fleet management trends.
  • Informing VehiclePath’s strategic and operational decisions, including the launch of products and services.
  • Strengthening business relationships and collaborations.
  • Supporting the continued growth of VehiclePath, its partners and customers.


Participating members of the CAB bring decades of experience in fleet management and operations to the communal table. Current CAB members are:

  • Dan Ashman, CEO, AC Global
  • Andrew Chermark, President, Smart Fleet
  • Eric Counts, President, GPS Fleet Management Solutions
  • Travis Hillman, President, Pro-Traq
  • Kelly Jensen, General Manager, Shaffer Communications
  • James Krane, President, Advanced Fleet GPS
  • Dick Krasne, President, Alamo Industries
  • Victor Krstec, CEO, Affordable GPS Tracking
  • Terry Ottinger, President, United Security Alliance
  • Joe Wolfinger, Director of Development, Quarles Petroleum
  • Malcolm Rosenfeld, President, GPS Technologies
  • Skip Chandler, President, SC Communications


“We are looking forward to kicking off the CAB’s first meeting, and anticipate walking away from the discussion with greater actionable insight into the future of our industry and our company,” says Schneider. “The CAB group represents a truly unique collaboration of professionals who share a common vision: enhancing business performance by enhancing the way companies track, manage and maximize their fleets and assets.”

About VehiclePath

VehiclePath is dedicated to providing one of the most effective and easy-to-use GPS fleet  and asset tracking services for local fleets. The GPS-based tracking technology developed by VehiclePath is one of the most cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions, enabling rapid deployment of vehicle tracking capabilities for customers’ fleets. Located in Irvine, Calif., VehiclePath has been in the vehicle tracking business since 2003 and proudly develops and manufactures vehicle tracking units in Southern California, mostly within its own facilities. Learn more at

About ProconGPS, Inc.

ProconGPS, Inc., headquartered in Knoxville, TN, is a leading service provider of MRM products and services designed to help businesses better locate and control their assets worldwide.  ProconGPS, Inc. has expertise in integrating products, content, communication networks, map databases, and service technologies to deliver business intelligence.  With leading market positions in the Subprime Automotive Finance industry, Local Fleet, Trailer Tracking Management and Enterprise Fleet markets, ProconGPS, Inc. specializes in developing strong business relationships with leading companies worldwide, enabling it to offer world-class risk mitigation and location based services to its customers. ProconGPS, Inc.’s patented array of GPS products, call center
Center systems, commercial tracking platforms, web tracking platforms, telephony solutions and customer service systems offer a fully integrated solution to its partners. For additional information, please visit ProconGPS, Inc.’s website at


Amelia DiMesio